About Wood Bridge

Wood Bridge Park is the informal name given to a peaceful dell in North Wales’ Gwydir Forest Park. Having been recognised by the local people as a place of special significance and tranquillity, this website has been created to promote events taking place in and around the area; in addition to documenting these locals’ visits to the park.

wood bridge in the forestWith stunning waterfalls, lush evergreen forests and a whole maze of paths and trails to get lost in, there’s a good reason why so many Welsh locals, as well as visitors from the UK, flock to Wood Bridge. With a rich mythical history surrounding its hallowed grounds, there’s almost a mystical aura that grips the heart with excitement and wonder.

Besides being a wonderful place for a reflective walk, Wood Bridge has many ideal spots for picnics. Protected by a thick canopy of classic British trees, such as the Douglas Fir and Sessile Oak; a string of dry days can leave the forest floor thick with undergrowth yet almost warm to the touch. You can breathe in the rich, sweet smell of the decaying foliage whilst enjoying your sandwiches, just try not to fall asleep on the soft forest bed!

forest lovelyThere’s a whole range of activities that are run throughout the year. In the summer, traditional English Wide Games are organised by the local Scout Groups; filling the Park with the sounds of children’s laughter and fun. For a more sedate experience, you can take part in any number of nature walks, run by local arborists and horticulturists. If you’re looking for a more animated nature walk, local guides are happy to take visitors on a hunt for the local birds and creatures that make this place so special.

stargazing forestIn the winter time, weekly stargazing nights make the most of changing clearances in the forests to observe the wonderful night sky. Although the park is still waiting on its Dark Sky confirmation, the stars are still a wonder to behold and a friendly society of star-gazers lead walks into the forest on special evenings to take a look at these celestial creations.

Whether you’re coming to Wood Bridge Park for a day, or intend on staying longer; you’ll be surprised by the beauty and tranquillity of North Wales’ best kept secret!